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 My name is Travis Autor (Broughton) and I have created this website to share the truth about why I walked away from my profession. The allegation of dating a patient and smoking pot on my lunch hours was alleged by an ex patient named Stephanie who tried to extort money from me. She did not produce any evidence the state requested to back up her claims and did not even show up for her deposition. On the other hand, I immediately took a drug test when this allegation was made and took monthly drug tests for the duration of the investigation, which were all submitted to the state. I also offered 100% access to my offices Electronic Medical Records to show that Stephanie was not a patient during the time we dated. Even though it was legal, I realize now that I never should have dated an ex-patient. I also should not have put myself in a situation in a bar to allow this to happen and make better choices in the kind of girl I want in my life. Since this whole ordeal, I have quit drinking to make sure this kind of thing never happens to me again. The other two allegations were brought up by the state to help make a case for themselves when their witness to the first allegations (Stephanie) did not produce any evidence or even show up for her deposition. Both claims had been looked at by the board 5 years earlier and no action was taken on their part because these were frivolous complaints. 5 years later, the state brought them back off the shelf to try and create a case for themselves. The investigator in my case, Dwight, called this double jeopardy and told me he was really upset the state did this to me. The first allegation of billing two separate fees for massage was absolutely true. I billed a much higher fee for massages provided to Car Accident patients because it typically takes 3-5 years to settle these cases and often the settlement only covers a percentage of your charges. I had no contract with these car insurance companies and can charge whatever I want, if it is reasonable, which my charges were. This is customary in any medial office which performs treatments for people injured in car accidents and is completely legal. The truth is, we have negotiated fee's with multiple different insurnce companies who each pay different fees.  The second allegation for double billing was made by Safeco Insurance company. My ex-wife had become a massage therapist and initially, had no way of billing insurance companies for the work she was doing. I offered to let her use my billing system and she came in to my clinic on a Saturday to input her billing. She did not realize she would have to create a whole new user profile and instead, deleted the name and credential information on another Massage Therapist who no longer worked for us and input her name and credentials. She input all her charges and electronically sent them off to the individual insurance companies. Unbeknownst to her, the system sent all the prior Therapists bills out again in her name. The following Monday when my staff returned to work, they got a call from an insurance company asking why we had sent bills out again for treatments they had already paid for. We realized the mistake my ex-wife had made and my office manager immediately called plus sent letters to every insurance company involved alerting them on the mistake and not to process claims prior to a certain date. This was a totally genuine mistake on my ex-wife’s behalf and the Board acknowledged that.

The reason I signed the agreement with the state (I made them put in writing that I was not admitting guilt to anything) was to protect my 4 children I was raising on my own, ages 5-12, from any negative media publicity. I had no desire to go to court and have the case all over the news because I knew it would be damaging for my children. My attorney made a deal with the state that the state would bury these allegations so they would not end up in the media if I agreed to a suspension. Obviously either my attorney or the state lied and that is why you are reading this. 

Once there was an article written about me in the newspaper, everyone tried to take “pot shots” at me. I had a patient allege I sent her and others to collections when they did not owe any money. The state investigated those claims as well and found that every single patient we sent to collections owed the exact amount of money we sent them to collections for. After going through this for the past 10 years, if I can offer any advice it would be this: When fighting for your livelihood ALWAYS hire the best attorney and not someone who takes your case pro bono as a favor and secondly, NEVER sign off on something that is not true. Especially if it is newsworthy. These articles in the newspaper follow me everywhere I go. My reputation and integrity had always been extremely important to me as a Doctor and human being. Obviously, both of those have taken a huge hit. I remarried a few years ago and took my wife’s last name to try and escape this nightmare I created. Today, I have rebounded and live an amazing life with my family and friends. I have handed my anger and bitterness over to Jesus and try my best to live life looking forward and not back. I have found myself in a fantastic new space called Regenerative Medicine and have been a catalyst in helping Doctors change the lives of 1000’s of patients. I believe this is what God intended for me to do and this was the route I had to take to end up here where I am at today. 


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